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What school does not teach us

We spend a great number of years at school, then college etc. We acquire some knowledge (in addition to bad sitting habits), then we face life and the tensions that come with it, often stress related illnesses, due to our inability to adapt to the fast pace, hyper competitive life that we have created.

Here comes the problem... How can we handle it? They did not teach us that.

Of course, everyone will find their own way and coping mechanism to get their life going; however, specialists agree that there are a few basic principles to find our balance.

Meditation will help us find mental clarity and emotional peace in order not to be bombarded by 50,000 daily thoughts. Meditation goes hand in hand with embodied practices such as yoga or Qigong. Body work can release the tensions, relax the body, and when the body is relaxed it is easier to relax the mind.

In addition, these practices harmonise body, mind and spirit, to make us feel whole as we reconnect with all our dimensions. We then connect more easily to our intuition. As we use various levels of consciousness (over different brain waves such as Alpha, Theta waves), we widen our consciousness and are able to seek inside the answers we need to face life. 

This is what they should teach us at school: how to use our brain and our consciousness to be able to ride and enjoy life!

when the body is relaxed, the mind can relax

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