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OFFERS/ Akashic reading

To go further, to the wisdom that lies at the edge of your consciousness, knowing and recognizing who you are and fully engaging in your potential, a soul reading, will allow you to discover what drives you, the main characteristics of your soul, your modes of operation as well as karmic, transgenerational, subtle blockages; the goal is to release these blockages, and thus be able to align yourself with who you are.


Soul Realignment®is an intuitive soul reading modality that uses the Akashic Records. These archives, or Akashic Records, are like a great library, a database of all embodied beings and energetic entities.

Access the Reading.

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If you are Eentrepreneur  (individual, small and medium-sized business) and you want to discover and develop yourself, I offer you aentrepreneur supportby the akashic readings, to align you with what corresponds to you.


My approach

I work on the different physical and subtle planes: as we remove the blockages, other elements can be brought to light, then it is an energy influx that will help to restore imbalances, 'restart the body '.

My journey

The common thread of my life has been to understand. Understand how the world works, relationships, humans, animals, where do we come from? is what we see the whole reality? The main religions tell us of an invisible world, some perceive it.


I have been looking for meaning through different experiences, across the world, meeting other human beings, and myself, because one cannot establish a relationship with others if one does not already have a relation to oneself.


Extreme violence situations led me to meditation (I have done several Vipassana meditation stays), and very deep experiences, which allowed me to understand how I, how we are part of a whole, how we are connected, to feel unconditional love for everything.


I had several trainings, all complementary, in spiritual development, energy work, to devote myself to healing and transformation, to be closer to oneself. It is my purpose, my passion. It is healing in the broad sense, the healing of the world; it goes through the healing of men. Sometimes the healing of animals, places, because they also have an energy imprint, memories.

Not sure what you need?

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