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Soul Alchemy :

a transformative quest to meet your destiny 

You've followed the flow of life

and now want to understand who you are,

if you're in the right place,

what your life mission is;

you feel a call to 'something else'. 

Join :

Soul Alchemy 

8 individual sessions, 

and access to the "Sanctuary",

a monthly group session to practice alternate states of consciousness  

and answer your questions

Je vous propose pour commence d'échanger lors d'une séance 'Perspectives/ Insights' offerte.

A transformative quest to meet your destiny 

After a life experience that has interested us, and which duration can vary from person to person, we pass through a phase of life where questions arise. 

This questioning is the sign that the soul, the anima, that invisible and quiet part of ourselves, is manifesting itself and seeking to be heard. It's essential to start listening to it, as it guides us towards our deepest aspirations. 

That's what this 8-session program offers, with an approach that's both structured and tailored to what's right for you.

8 individual sessions

that will give you the keys to your destiny

1 - Direction

We'll lay the foundations for your work and your intentions regarding your subjects and questions, from which a vision will emerge.

2 - Soul profile

You'll discover your inner workings so that you can align yourself with them, understand your driving forces and overcome blockages.

3 - Lessons from Karma  

You'll discover what's trying to be expressed through past lives, transgenerational experiences or unproven future lives, and gain keys to understanding them.

4 - My body, my friend 

A reading of the chakras and harmonization will help you decode the body-soul-spirit connection to go further.

5 - Life cycles 

We'll establish your life cycles to add to your functioning.

6 - Energy of the moment

It's important to know the energy that's driving you at the moment, and to set the energy for the future.

7 - What I want 

You'll begin to lay the groundwork for what's to come.

8 - Destiny on the move 

This last session will enable you to clarify your next steps.


"The Sanctuary: a monthly group call for hands-on practice,

You'll have access to a monthly one-hour group session to practice consciousness expansion techniques (guided meditations on different themes, yoga nidra, anchoring, prana circulation...), with time set aside for questions.

You can access the Sanctuary live and/or on replay,

You'll retain access to the Sanctuary even after your program has ended (for as long as the circle lasts!).

I want you to be able to find support whenever you need it.

8 Individual Sessions and access to the Sanctuary: €888



In just a few sessions, Claire helped me to move forward with my professional project (I'd been coming to the end of a cycle for a while) and my couple's projects, by addressing the fundamental issues and helping me to move forward despite my fears.

The diversity of her approaches enabled her to tailor her work to my needs, supported by her voice, which unwinds the thread of the ball. This enabled me to confirm what was important to me (values and meaning) and to have the clarity to set the course for the future. It's an enriching experience for those who aren't afraid to go further and take side roads.

- Alex

  • You are a professional, manager, partner, CEO, or have a project, 

  • you feel a need to question your motivations, a need for professional or personal change, a need to rediscover your essence, 

  • and set yourself on a path to align with your inner self, 

  • you're wondering if there is more to life,  and you don't want to miss out,

  • you long for something else and don't know how or where to start.

  • or you experience pain or disease that leave you wondering...

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”
― Carl Gustav Jung

During this program


  • You'll find your inner compass, using the keys you'll be given to move forward on your path, your life mission, 

  • You'll understand how you function, why you've been through what you've experienced,

  • You'll bring back to consciousness what's calling you, that is unconscious, and that is trying to express itself,

  • You will understand and overcome your blocks and patterns,

  • You'll get closer to what your heart desires (which is often obscured by upbringing, beliefs, culture...) to regain your personal power and lay the foundations for what you want to build.


  • The group sessions will give you the opportunity to meditate, ask questions and benefit from the presence of a group.

This program takes 6 to 8 months to complete. We'll go at the pace that suits you, giving you the space to integrate each session.

My approach

I work on the different physical and subtle planes: as we remove the blockages, other elements can be brought to light, then it is an energy contribution that will help to restore imbalances, 'restart the body '.

claire protrait_edited.jpg

My journey

The common thread of my life has been to understand. Understand how the world works, relationships, humans, animals, where do we come from? is what we see the whole reality? The main religions speak to us of an invisible world, some perceive it.


I have been looking for meaning through different experiences, across the world, meeting other human beings, and myself, because one cannot establish a relationship with others if one does not already have a relation to oneself.


Extreme violence led me to meditation (I have done several Vipassana meditation stays), and very deep experiences, which allowed me to understand how I, how we are part of a whole, how we are connected, to feel unconditional love for everything.


I have been through numerous trainings - and am still training - all complementary, in spiritual development, energy work, to devote myself to healing and transformation, to be closer to oneself. It is my purpose, my passion.

It is healing in the broad sense, the healing of the world; it goes through the healing of men. It also involves the healing of animals, places, because they also have an energy imprint, memories.

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