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Help from the universe decoded for you

Do you ever pray, ask for help from heaven, the universe, God? Like for example, 'give me strength', 'I would like to find love', 'bring me joy'/'happiness' etc...

You hope that it will fall from the sky and save you, because you have faith (I am not talking about dogma, but you have your faith, the belief in something greater, which you express according to what is right for you).

Maybe you feel overwhelmed by difficulties, and you ask heaven for help to get out of them,

you feel stuck, you have a full agenda but feel like you are just running between one thing and another.

And you hear around you, 'ask the universe', 'the universe has your back'.

So you ask for help,

and you feel like you're getting the opposite...

Yes, the universe is there for all of us, and will send us an answer.

Just not in the form you expected.

And that's where the disappointment usually comes from...

Because you don't know how to decode the help from the Source.

So, Here they are for you !- you will see it is very simple.

When you ask for help, the universe will send you a lesson (which can be seen as a test, let's be honest), which will make you find the resources you are asking for.

Because if there are synchronicities on our path, things that sometimes happen so easily, that seem to fall from the sky, in general, the strength as well as the courage, the happiness etc... is learned through a lesson that you will have to go through, to find this treasure within you.

Because what is endogenous will remain for life. This is how we integrate values such as courage, strength, the ability to overcome something, self-confidence too, by going to find them in the heart of ourselves. Nobody can take away something that you have learned by yourself, that you have acquired. If it comes from the outside, if it is offered on a platter, chances are that it will not be integrated (because that is how man is).

In the Hero's Journey (a concept established by Joseph Campbell) the hero goes on a quest, into unknown territory to find the elixir. The elixir is given when there has been a transformation of the being, a change in the personality, the qualities of the person. Because it is in the crossing of the test that the treasure resides.

You ask to find love, to express it?

You will undoubtedly find on your way people who will ask you for love, or who will do the opposite, or who will reject yours. You will find situations that should make you ask yourself how you give love? Ask yourself what your perception of love is, really, without pretense. Are you so sure of yourself? What if you question your beliefs, your perceptions? Maybe you could see things differently...

How do you know if you've got it?

As long as you feel you don't have an answer, as long as you still need it, as long as you still experience reactions of rejection, then you haven't integrated the concept.

Acquiring new abilities, new faculties, will take us out of our comfort zone. It can be a little disruptive, in different ways. But this is the only way we grow. Everyone will also have their own capacity to go through these phases.

So how do you go about it?

Ask yourself more questions, question yourself, take time for introspection, without complacency (but with compassion).

Also, be careful what you ask for

If you ask for spiritual awakening, for abilities, we can take you on the path. But if you haven't reconciled some parts of yourself, it might be a bit "rock and roll". Because spiritual awakening is not the path of 'zenitude'. It is the path towards oneself, which will make us look inside ourselves, confronting our darker sides. If you have not included from the beginning that you have dark sides (we all have them), the experience will push you until you give in.

Here is the good news (there is always one with me!)

It is that the less you will resist, the more you will accept, the more flexible you will be, the more you will recognize each part of you (and they are all beautiful, the brightest and the dimmest, the strongest and the weakest), the more you will find what you are asking for to move forward. To do this, you must be in your truth, your authenticity.

Since you are here, take a moment to look back at what happened as a gift in your life: what state of mind were you in when it happened? were you looking for it, or did you let it happen? What was your truth at that moment? I invite you to have a cup of tea, or herbal tea, during this little reflection.



PS: if you need clarity on what you are going through and how to move forward (personally, professionally), here is what the people I accompany say

- In a few sessions Claire helped me to move forward on my professional project (I had come to the end of a cycle for a while) and couple projects by dealing with the basic issues, helped me to move forward despite my fears. The diversity of her approaches allows for a tailor-made work, supported by her voice which unwinds the thread of the ball. This allowed me to confirm what was important to me (values and meaning) and to have the clarity to give me the course for the future. It is an enriching experience for those who are not afraid to go further and take the side roads - Alex

- I was quite blown away by everything Claire was able to perceive: things external to me like this serious incident in the professional field and things internal like my intolerance to certain waters. Our exchanges (of which I have listened to the recordings again) have allowed me to take a step back (less stress, a slightly different view of things and events, and avenues of reflection and direction to consider) on what I am experiencing and on what my body is expressing. This gives me another perspective that is very enlightening. Moreover, my digestion problems have really improved and I have recovered my energy. - AS

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