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Claire Peltier devant le mer
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Harmonization and chakras balancing, I also read your soul and what it says on your situation.

This session allows you to feel energized and releases certain blockages and pains. In person or distant work.

Do you feel that your physical, mental, psychic, spiritual health is deteriorating? Do you feel entities are negatively affecting you? This will help you in clearing negative energies, undo black magic and clear karma. 

The Akasha is a great library that carries the memories of all souls. An akashic reading, soul reading, allows you to highlight your functioning, harmonize blockages, understand your choices. Different readings are offered.  

Remote work, in-person or remote reporting.

Packs of individual sessions in presence or remotely. 

It is often necessary to do several sessions in order to cover all the blockages, to restore the energy flows.

These packs can combine different modalities.

Illustration d'une plante

Are you an entrepreneur and want to know how you operate, establish the strategy that suits you in terms of marketing, services & products, communication, sales finance? 

A business akashic reading will answer these questions and give you keys to develop your business according to what suits you.

Shamanism is a means of communicating with the other realms, the whole of what is on this planet earth, the generations above, those who will come and everything around us. A way to transcend the 3 physical dimensions and time.

The places in which we live, we work, carry energy, memories. Sometimes these memories can affect us negatively and it is necessary to harmonize them to regain our mood and energy.

I recommend to do this when you buy and move into a new places, or prepare to sell it. 

Our animals also have their blockages, their vision and their understanding of things, and sometimes messages to tell us. These sessions allow us to understand them to better accompany them and can give us valuable information, about ourselves and our relationship to them, to nature in general.

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Not sure what you need?

Let's start with a free 30-minute consultation to identify your needs.

Nous parlerons de :

  • ce qui vous amène, quels sont vos blocages ou douleurs, votre situation,

  • ce que vous recherchez,

  • je vous dirai comment je vois les choses, ce que je peux vous proposer.


Nous avancerons à votre rythme, mais mon approche ne convient pas à tout le monde.


Elle peut être pour vous si:

  • Vous êtes prêt à sortir de votre zone de confort, d’entendre des choses différentes,

  • Vous comprenez que vous avez votre part de travail à faire,

  • Vous vous sentez responsable de votre vie,

  • Vous êtes prêt à passer par l’inconfort.


Cela ne vous conviendra pas si : 

  • Vous attendez que je fasse tout le travail,

  • Vous pensez que tout va changer en une séance de ‘nettoyage’ des blocages,

  • Vous ne souhaitez pas mettre en place de changement,

  • Vous n'envisagez pas de remettre en question votre façon de fonctionner.

Need to know more about me before?  Click here.

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