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Comment dévérouiller des blocages,
et vous aligner sur votre mission de vie ?

You have gone through the lot of challenges that life has given you, expressed by sometimes difficult life situations, a feeling that you could do better if you had access to keys to understanding, 

you have deep aspirations, life changes perhaps calling you, and you want to clarify these desires, how to move forward,  

sometimes body ailments that do not find a solution despite your attempts,


or the impression of being invisible, of not deserving, of feeling guilty, of not knowing what to do,


It can impact your sleep, your joy, your role as a companion, wife, partner, mother,


You don't know how to move on, how to find your essence; you ask yourself questions about what you are here for (what is your mission?), why these complicated crossings? 

You may feel like a puzzle in pieces - but how do you put them together when you don't have the image it should give? 

Sometimes I hear you thinking you have done  it all wrong, wondering if you're even going to be able to get going. 

It's time to sort it all out 

It's time to sort it all out 

Have you been told that we are complex beings? Beings influenced by several fields, in addition to the mental and the emotional, which are the transgenerational, archetypal, karmic memories, non-embodied entities, animal and nature spirits.


We are embodied on a living planet, among various realms (animals, plants, minerals), our homes and offices can also be subject to some of these influences, to these negative energies.

Have you been taught to connect to your deeper self ? to your inner nature?  To get to know your conscience?

Have you been told that your deep desire and what you can manifest can evolve ? 

It is possible to access the deeper parts of us, the depth of consciousness, to read and understand what seeks to express itself, the invisible part of who we are and what goes through us, to reclaim all the pieces of our puzzle to create a life and a future that suits us, it is possible to draw lessons from our questions, from our pains.

This is how I work with clients.

You wonder how it works, follow this link


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You have questions about my approach?

You will find here what to go further:

Understand the world of healers

My journey

You wonder how it works, followthis link


To keep in touchand follow what I share, I suggest you subscribe to ma newsletter.


You have questions about my approach?

You will find here what to go further:

Understand the world of healers

My journey

What they say

In just a few sessions, Claire helped me move forward with my professional project by addressing the fundamental issues, and helped me to move forward despite my fears. The diversity of her approaches allows for a tailor-made work, supported by her voice which unwinds the thread of the thoughts. This allowed me to confirm what was important to me (values and meaning) and to have the clarity to give me the course for the future. It is an enriching experience for those who are not afraid to go further and take side roads.


I worked with Claire to explore challenges I face in my coaching business, I was unclear on which path to take, and didn't feel aligned.

From the beginning, it was very easy to work with Claire, she has this calm energy that soothes when you panic and worry, I felt safe from the moment I opened up and confided.  

The session gave me clarity on my challenges, how to approach them, and at the end,  I felt very calm, perfectly peaceful and serene, with a deep sense of inner peace and being reassured about the next step for me. Superb session, I highly recommend working with Claire, I will do it again.

-Marco Silva

Life coach

Despite a seemingly good life, I no longer wanted to live. Too many complicated things to manage on the family, social and physical level.

Claire showed me the light and helped me move forward despite the pitfalls to understand, accept, assimilate what is going on and free myself, with total kindness. These sessions brought me inner peace, a better perception of myself and others in a symbiosis never experienced before.

These moments are very deep and will help you become a stronger person, better equipped to face life, make it sweeter and spread love around you.

Claire is this link between the visible and the invisible, she changed my life and continues to make me a person more at peace with myself and with others.

- Regine Tourtin

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