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You are open to an alternative approach , want to be closer to you and look 'further' for the root causes of your blockage and heal your pain and/ or blockages.

If this sounds like you, I can help. The method is intuitive, based on who you are; the sessions are unique and correspond to what I can read at the time.  


Certainly, it is possible to move forward alone, by reading books, by learning to do 'self-care', by becoming aware. But there comes a time when we need to be accompanied, supported, to be able to rely on someone you trust who can guide us to be as close as possible to who we are, to unlock things that are deeply rooted. . Show us the way.  


It is not a question of telling you what to do, if you have to change your life, change your job (you are the creator of your life, these choices are yours) ... but to accompany you in order to make you aware of your way of functioning, of your resources, of helping you remove blockages to get better, to make you feel closer to you and to align yourself in order to manifest what you want.  


Are you wondering how it works? Follow this link .  


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Do you have questions about my approach?

Here you will find something to go further:

Understanding the world of healers

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