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Claire Peltier en position de Qigong devant la mer
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In order too regain your energy , understand and overcome blockages, relieve pain, physical or emotional exhaustion, find a functioning closer to you - what I call healing, quite simply - there are 5 main principles:

  1. There is a visible physical reality on earth (physical reality is often the basis of our human experience), and a more subtle one. This invisible one encompasses the spirit world, animals, mineral and vegetal reigns, angels, deceased, saints... Both worlds share a common principle : energy. 

  2. These energies apply to the Living, and to the subtle. It is possible to communicate with and feel them. In this invisible world, we find spirit guides and allies who assist us in our journey. 

  3. Several fields or streams, influence us : run through the human psyche - in addition to the mental and the emotional fields - which are the transgenerational, archetypal, karmic memories, non-embodied entities, animal spirits and nature. The rest of the Living (animals, plants), places, can also be influences by some of these energies.  

  4. Each of these streams can carry blockages, that will weigh on our reality and may create pain, wounds, emotions, blockages, which prevent us from manifesting what we aspire to.  

  5. These blockages can be healed, and confidence regained by bringing them back into light, into consciousness, and reestablishing the energy flow (also called the prana, or Qi).

Clearing these blockages by bringing them to light and by a subtle and spiritual work, allows you to find your energy, to make it circulate, to find a balance to move forward in confidence.  


Thus, you will get closer to who you are at soul level, coherent and can undertake a transformation should you wish to.

You are interested and wonder where to start? Any work starts with a conversation, a moment to share, to understand your needs and see if my way of doing things works for you. Book a free consultation.


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