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Learn to use the power of archetypes

If you are not very familiar with this concept, here is what it is all about: Archetypes are roles common to all peoples, which will bring together the same concepts, principles, regardless of the people. For example: you can go to the other end of the earth in Papua, and talk about the role of the 'Father', the 'Princess', the 'Healer', the 'Pilgrim', the 'Prophet', and your interlocutor will know what you are referring to, he will have an idea, a fairly precise image of what you are talking about without you having to explain it.

Carl G. Jung was one of the first to identify them. Then others followed and developed the concept. It speaks to me a lot, and I work with archetypes in my readings of the Akashic records. Above all, this allows you to know your tendencies, your strengths and weaknesses (we don't all have the same ones), how you express your personality, your shadow parts. As you when you know them, you are able to deal with them, instead of being scared by various aspects of who you are.

We have our archetypes, as we have our guides More specifically, we each have a number of archetypes, just as we have spirit guides. I usually see 6 for each individual, in addition to those that are common to humanity, such as those relating to the child (often with wounds). They can change, of course, but that doesn't happen very often.

Our archetypes give us an idea of ​​our resources, our strengths and our weaknesses, and can help us in our construction, our self-knowledge, by bringing some light, a precision, on our life path. A bit like our power animals found in shamanism. We can call them, work with them, they can come to us, help us build our core and understand how we can manifest. They also sign post our life path.

How to find your archetypes?

We all carry certain archetypes, such as the wounded child. For some it will be a heavier archetype than for others.

Beyond that, to find the ones that are unique to you: look at what you like to do, how you function: do you like to teach, do you feel in your place when you share your teachings? Do you find it easy to find new ways to teach? So probably the teacher/professor archetype is one of yours.

If you are a woman and you have difficulty embodying your femininity, revealing yourself, finding softness, no doubt the archetype of the 'Muse' will be able to help you. She loves beauty, femininity, inspires those around her and helps them integrate a space of dreams into daily life, has a taste for the arts; she also likes lightness and is cheerful. The 'Muse' expresses the creativity of the soul and is connected to divine inspiration. The archetype of the muse invites us to be careful not to scatter, to a lack of follow-up that we may have.

The people around you who know you can also help you find your archetypes: they know you, see you in a certain way, and will be able to tell you how they perceive your functioning. Be sure to ask several people from different circles, because we express ourselves differently depending on the environment we are in, so people see only a side of who we are. You can therefore ask someone in your family, one or two friends, your colleagues at work (I suggest taking a supervisor and a member of your team if you have any, it is not the same relationships and perceptions that are at play). All this put together can give you a good overview of your archetypes!

Perhaps you also have dark sides that you don't reveal to anyone. We all have those, it's part of who we are. To me it is inherent to the human experience. Be honest and look at it. You don't have to share it with anyone, but you will find that it can bring you a lot when you acknowledge and accept it.

Archetypes in the modern world

Humanity has evolved a lot recently, say over the last 70 years, and some archetypes need to be updated. Others must go back to their roots, their meaning, from which they have been estranged.

They are part of the streams that cross the psyche and therefore can affect it. I frequently find archetypal blockages in my Akashic readings. There are two types. First of all an energy blockage: at some point in life, a situation and the reaction we had, installed a certain energy which blocks access to an archetype. The other blockage is more of an update: due to recent changes in humanity, this or that archetype must be updated with another, for a person (not everyone needs the same ones). An example: the male archetype

Going back to a channelling I received over a year ago about the male archetype. It's still relevant - at the time of the #MeToo movement, of a feminism that sometimes heals its wounds in brutality, by creating other wounds, it seemed appropriate to me to come back to it, to bring a perspective to readers (male and female).

Here is the message as I received it: There was a change of archetype: the masculine represented strength, power, solidity, anchoring, which is expressed by sensitivity. But some elements of the archetype were changed at some point and aggression, control, violence and brutality replaced sensitivity. This is why a lot of men in particular don't fit in it. It has lost its essence and depth. This archetype is now returning to its original form with its sensitivity - which affects many men who find themselves drained but often do not dare to express their vulnerability.

This masculine archetype is in transformation, healing, and I hope it can help every man who needs it, and those around them.

If you want to work with archetypes, find out what are yours and if there are any blockages, contact me for an Akashic reading, or an Akashic Theme. To learn more about the Akashic records or records, you can consult this article. Namaste,


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