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OFFERS Akashic Reading / Akashic Chart

Discover the codes of your personality.

Do you have the soul of the entrepreneur, of the artist?

Do you carry the code of the Knight, the Priestess, the Diva, or the Pilgrim?

This Akashic theme allows you to know your essentials, your functioning, your strengths and your weaknesses, your archetypes .

The human being is made of memories. These memories often manifest in the body, physically, they give us the codes of why we act the way we do.

These are memories that appeal to another space-time, written in the framework of the Akashic Archives.

An akashic reading allows you to highlight them, to become aware of the codes of your soul.

I am happy to present this Akashic Theme, in which you will find the codes of your soul profile, your way of functioning, what nourishes you / what gives you energy, what exhausts you.

It is by understanding our functioning that we can adapt what we do, how we do it, to preserve ourselves and feel more coherent. 


We also go through life lessons, which are expressed in different areas. More than a life mission, these are themes that we go through, in one or more areas of life. Highlighting them allows us to better understand what we are going through, therefore, to focus our energy and add meaning to it. 

Finally, this theme allows us to reconnect with our archetypal nature - which are the predominant codes at the basis of your soul ? We connect to the world through our imagination, through myths. They provide the keys to how we interact, what carries us through life. Knowing its archetypes allows us to explore the different ways in which we express our personality through the founding myths of humanity. 

It answers the question of how to move forward

How can we move forward if we don't know the keys, the underlying forces? How can we find this coherence without knowing our functioning, what nourishes us, what our soul needs to live?


To find coherence with oneself, to approach certain transformations serenely, it is important to know oneself, to have the keys to its functioning.

This Akashic theme that I developed from a reading of the Akashic records, revolves around:

  • your soul profile, how you function, your positive and negative polarity, the main characteristics of your soul; 

  • life lessons you go through; 

  • archetypes that drive you (we all have 6 archetypes: 3 major, 3 minor. They teach us how we move forward in life, the main characteristics of our personality). 

  • a personalized, channeled conclusion.


This reading will allow you: 


  • to have the keys to your functioning, your personality, 

  • to know what drives you, your bright parts and your shadow parts - to better understand them, 

  • by connecting to your archetypal nature, you will be able to explore the ways in which you express your identity, through keys to understanding. (Find an article on archetypes here .)

  • you will be able to adapt your decisions, the choices you make, what you want to implement in your life in order to do it in consciousness, in coherence with who you are at the level of the soul.

  • this reading is a compass, it will give you the keys for your life.

Interested in this Akashic chart? 

You can book your time slot directly according to availability for the report, then fill out the form with the information I need for the reading. The report will be done by zoom. Plan an hour.


Prices : €85 payable online upon booking.

Interested in learning more about a full Akashic reading? Follow this link

To learn a little more about the Akashic Records, find the blog .

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