OFFERS / Animals and Places

Credit Ivy Barn @Unsplash

You are often tired , are prone to insomnia, nightmares, you are depressed, suffering from an illness.


The treatments are not very effective, the problems persist, the medicine does not really find a cause for your problems, nor a solution,  


This can be due to your environment , place of residence, work.


You may feel like a presence, something that chills your back, strange things are happening, like a lamp that turns on by itself, 

Your children perceive things.  


Places are carriers of strong telluric energies, waves, energies and vibrations which can be positive or negative, and which can disturb us.  


If the place is put up for sale, it can create negative feelings on potential visitors, and even prevent any sale.  


It is important to put everything, every element, in its place, so that the inhabitants can find a harmonious life, in a serene, calm and healthy house.

The harmonization of places of life consists in releasing negative, parasitic energies, in order to release the energies of creation, thus making it possible to recover a good state of functioning, benevolent.


I work in a framework of geobiology study , in dowsing, for which I was trained. 

The work is done from the plan and information you provide me, I do the research, then the cleaning and harmonization remotely. 

A check is carried out at the end of the work.


You will see the changes on the spot!


I'll get back to you when the job is done.


Price: 200 €

This rate applies for apartments and single-family houses.

For commercial sites, companies, industrial sites, please contact me for a quote.