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You will receive between 2 and 3 letters per month. They are there to share things that I think are important, interesting, especially in order to bring you something, ideas, perspective, insight, which can help you.  


Or give you “practical tips” to support you, overcome blockages and emotions.  


Maybe I'll share a video I made on one of these topics and practices, like yoga Nidra, or messages I receive, or again perspectives that might interest you on your journey.  


Occasionally, I will present an offer, program or event that I propose.  


And if you have a question or if you are interested in a topic that you would like to have my opinion on, let me know, I will be happy to share my perspective with you.


I do not sell or give away your data. Never.  


We look forward to seeing you in this small virtual community!



- Claire

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