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Coucher de soleil sur la mer


by Claire Peltier

Healer,  Intuitive guide, 
Readings from the Akashic Archives,

Yoga, Qigong, Meditation

credit Kristap Ungurs @unsplash

You face blockages, feel pain, fatigue, emotional imbalance, psychic burnout, you feel you cannot move forward on some life situations or issues,

illustration d'une branche

You face chronic pain or lack energy,


Emotions such as fear or anxiety, come back no matter what you do,


or you just feel like there are blockages preventing you from being completely yourself, without being able to tell exactly what it is.


Maybe you tell yourself that everything should be fine, you have already made quite a bit of progress in life, you do everything to be aligned such as meditation, daily affirmations, yet, things are not as you would like them to betas you feel they should be, and you wonder why.


The same situations come back, same patterns with the same emotions.  


or perhaps you want to start a transformational work to better understand your way of working : you are conscious of the various layers that are part of who we are, and now want to make sense of it : get to know how you function to get closer to who you are at a deeper level and understand alignment. 


Or you feel stuck in a relationship or with your kids without knowing why.  


Maybe also you long for a practice through movement and breathing, in a group, because that is what helps you relax, and makes you feel good,


Or it is your animal or your place of life, that you feel out of balance and that you want to re-harmonize.

Moving on

If you're like most people, you've tried several approaches, maybe a doctor has prescribed medication or painkillers, maybe even working on yourself has helped you figure things out.  


or you have tried alternative approaches such as acupuncture,


maybe you try to convince yourself that it is all ok, it is in your head, and you have to decide to go on without wasting time on difficulties, hoping  that ignoring them will make the problem go away.  


You have seen an improvement with all of this, but there is still a pain, an emotion, a blockage….

femme en position de méditation
credit MLG Photography
femme vue de dos, assise en tailleur, contemplant le désert
credit Patrick Schneider @Unsplash

Regain confidence

If you long to move forward, find what is holding you back and preventing you from being completely yourself, from finding serenity and inner peace, know that it is possible.  


You can understand, remove blockages and come back closer to your deeper self and confidently move towards the health, wellness and transformation you dream of.  


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  • drum circle
    Sun, 12 Feb
    Villa Presence
    12 Feb, 10:00 – 13:00
    Villa Presence, 80 rue General Changarnier, 83000 Toulon, France
    “Legends say that when time and language did not exist, there were sacred symbols”. Discovery of the shamanic world: spirituality of symbols, in connection with the kingdoms, animals and elements of nature, shamanic drum journeys.
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    Fri, 17 Feb
    Google Meet
    17 Feb, 18:00 – 20:00
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    Life often makes us ask ourselves questions about how to move forward. It is in the opening of consciousness that we find the keys to move forward serenely. In a sharing of teachings, meditations and pragmatic tools, I accompany you on this path.
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