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The initiatory reality of life

A free community project | May 2023

20 therapists, practitioners, companions,
explore how life puts us on the path

!!! Ce projet est maintenant terminé !!!

Je le laisse pour vous partager ce thème qui m'est cher.

What if there was something to learn from our difficulties?

Do you ask yourself "what is this thing that is happening to you? that falls on you, there, that takes you down"?

Are you wondering how to "gather what's left of you" and move on, overcome all of this?

or "why me / why that"?

"what should I do with it"?

What if you weren't alone in this situation? 

What if there was something else life wanted to show you?

During the month of May, I invite you to a conversation around life: our accidents of life, our trials, our questions, our falls, doubts, and above all, how we overcame them to rise.


In fact, we all go through sh**

everyone has their share of difficulties and hardships. Sometimes they can be violent, confront us to deepest parts of us, take us on a ride to get something, find our resources when we didn't think we had any. But within us all lies the capacity to integrate and transmute hardships. It doesn't matter how long it takes, or the shape of it (because it's often  messy); these experiences are so rewarding! 


Because "life  is an initiation, and it is not easy, and fate is the greatest initiator one can find" (Jean-Paul Roneker). These are lessons in life that teach us lessons, help us to move forward, and set us up on the path of our destiny. 

The project

The aim of this project is to share the learnings, experiences, lessons of 20 therapists and professionals, on the theme of "how fate teaches us what we must learn".

20 practitioners who have transmuted their learning to make it a strength and who today open up this space for conversation and sharing. Because together, we go further.

You are invited to join the discussion,

rediscover this very human space,

made up of pitfalls, emotions, challenges, a messy space from which we can emerge grown up, bearers of positivity, energy, with the desire to create despite all odds.

In today's world, with rapid changes, new technologies, globalization, economic crises and uncertainty, where everything is going faster, we need this deeper connection more than ever. Making sense of what we experience in life, finding our place, is vital to make the most of our human experience.

Life is worth living, despite the difficulties and the sometimes long process, because there is a fabulous treasure there.

How it works ?

This community project is completely free. 

To participate, you have to sign it.

During the month of May, from Monday to Friday, you will receive an email containing a text or a video from a practitioner who shares their perspective, their learning, their 'tips'. (materials are going to be in French).

The discussion is open! Join us on the Facebook group to find a community around this theme. Share your reactions, experiences, thoughts... 

At the end, you will receive an e-book with all the texts, and the contact details of the participants. 

Meet the practitioners

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