OFFERS/ Spiritual Dowsing

This approach will be recommended to work on health, release negative energies, or know and put in place the possible resources in terms of character and psychology of the person.


Thereby,if you have a special condition, if you feel that you are taken by an external energy, that your mood, your psyche has changed, 


Or that it hasn't been good for a long time without you being able to do anything, after trying different approaches, 


a work in dowsing will certainly be justified. 


As in the other energetic modalities, we work there with the subtle world, the energies, invisible to the human eye, and often very little perceptible to our senses (we are generally not trained to feel what is around us, or in us, apart from the pain). 


The work is done on the subtle bodies; it brings to light, brings back to consciousness what is at the root of the problem. Awareness is therefore a key element of healing. 


With awareness often comes the need to make different choices consistent with what the soul desires. Healing can also combine a number of other elements, including diet, physical exercise (if applicable, this will be discussed during the dowsing study) - it will then be up to you to apply it._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


We must also understand the role of illness in our incarnation, it is often a stage through which we must go.


“If you don't want to take the time to heal yourself, you will have to take the time, and the energy, to be sick”.



Dowsing makes it possible to work in depth on the person in order to find precise answers (but also animals and places), using pendulums and dials, in fields covering health care and diseases, chakras and meridians , energies (circulation, 

harmonizations, releases of negative energies), the character/psychology of the person. 


I had started to use the pendulum in geobiology, then gradually extended this use according to intuitions, reading. In 2020, I came across very strong negative energies, it was clear to me at that moment that they were evil. I was not very well prepared, a bit taken aback by the force that was in front of me. This pushed me very clearly to find the right person to train me, I needed to deepen this aspect there. 


All the great religious traditions talk about them, but they are rarely named, while on the other side, we have a plethora of denominations: angels, archangels, saints and saints, ascended masters, animals, for others it will be light, source.

So there are also different negative energies that are declining.


Deciding to ignore them, telling yourself that if you ignore them, they don't exist, is showing great naivety. For my part, I prefer to know what is in front, it allows me to treat it as fairly as possible.

A work in dowsing will bring you:


  • work through an alternative approach to a pathology, 

  • a release of negative energies if necessary, 

  • a complete work according to what the Christ hierarchy is doing at this time, 

  • this may include chakra, meridian, karma, character/psychology work, 

  • awareness of this information.


This session may interest you if:


  • you want to have another approach, another look, 

  • you consulted various people, different methods which did not succeed, 

  • you feel that you are blocked by negative energies, 

  • you are interested in a reflection on your journey and healing, 

  • you don't really have faith, but remain open to another approach.


On the other hand, it is probably not suitable for you if:


  • you are completely closed and think that the energies do not exist, 

  • you think you can remain passive in healing.

This work contains:


  • a preliminary interview to identify your needs, your blockages,

  • an individual debriefing session (after I have done this work),

  • a recording of the session if you wish.


Does this job interest you?


If you feel this work is right for you and will help you move forward, here's how. 


Make an appointment to discuss your problem (30 min max). 

If you confirm that this work suits you, you can make an appointment for the report, and pay online directly.  


After payment, the report is made in person in Toulon, or remotely, by Zoom or telephone.


For this work I need your name (for married women, married name and birth name), first names (all first names), date and place of birth. 

You can ask questions during the session, and/or at the end.


Some aspects may not resonate right away; keep confidence, the work is done, and often things arise after, if it has not been done during the debrief.


Price 120 €

If you have any questions,send me an email.

credit Petr Vysohlid @Unsplash

My approach

I work on the different physical and subtle planes: as we remove the blockages, other elements can be brought to light, then it is an energy contribution that will help to restore imbalances, ' restart the machine '.

My journey

The common thread of my life has been to understand. Understand how the world works, relationships, humans, animals, where do we come from? is what we see the whole reality? The great religions speak to us of an invisible world, some perceive it.


I have been looking for meaning through different experiences, across the world, to meet others, and myself, because one cannot establish a relationship with others if one does not already have a relation to oneself.


Extremely violent situations led me to meditation (I have done several Vipassana meditation stays), and very deep experiences, which allowed me to understand how I, how we are part of a whole, how we are connected, to feel unconditional love for everything.


I followed several trainings, all complementary, in spiritual development, energy work, to devote myself to healing and transformation, to be closer to oneself. It is my engine, my passion. It is healing in the broad sense, the healing of the world; it goes through the healing of men. Sometimes the healing of animals, places, because they also have an energy imprint, memories.


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