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OFFERS/ Shamanic Practices

If it attracts more and more people, shamanism remains known to a few people. This practice is much deeper than just beating a drum. Like many other ancestral practices, the approach is very structured; it is this structure which allows rooting, then the emancipation of the practitioner. 


“Legends say that when time and language did not exist, there were sacred symbols.”


The depth of shamanism is expressed in its link to nature, to the spirits, to the elements, to the cycles of life. It is an ancestral medicine that is found in all native societies in Mongolia, North America as in Meso-America, among Australian Aborigines and African tribes. The shamanic way accompanies us to introduce us to the invisible world, this dimension that we have learned to forget, but which always remains accessible and will allow us to find meaning. It speaks to the soul, in her language - the language of symbols. Druids, healers, mediums, have this connection to the invisible and to spirits. 


The elements of shamanism


Shamanism is a means of communicating with the other kingdoms, the whole of what is on this planet earth, the generations above, those who will come, and everything around us. A way to transcend the 3 physical dimensions and time.


This is also a means of healing, of understanding life on earth. It is a guide, one could say a “textbook of life on earth”. This is why I find it fascinating and full of lessons, and why I want to share it.

I offer two types of sessions:


Healing and shamanic journey

Divination: Meeting the Oracle

Shamanic journeying


This is a session of 1h to 1h15 (on site, in Toulon).


We can approach almost all the problems with this approach: physical, emotional, depressive states, fears, blockages, questions related to what we do on Earth… 


We will set the intention at the beginning of the session, depending on what you need.


Then you will lie down with your eyes closed. The drum takes over. I journey for you (this is the term used for this trance, in which the animals guide me in a story that relates to your intention, in a symbolic form). During this time you remain lying down, relaxed. Some will have feelings, some will have visions, or will be in a space between consciousness and dreams. 


After that, I do an energy work / harmonization.


In the last part, I give you feedback of what I saw, what happened, we discuss, and I suggest a ritual to do at home.


Price €65 

This practice can be interesting to do as a cure. Like the other treatments, I offer you a pack of 3 sessions, in which you can combine different approaches according to your needs. 

Price: 170€

Shamanic Divination: Meeting the Oracle


Divination is the word used by ethnologists when they saw shamans practicing this. This is the channeling of a spirit to answer a question. 


It is Pythia, the oracle of Delphi in ancient Greece, who arrived in my shamanic world at the end of 2022, and who imposed herself as my tutelary spirit for divination. She's the one talking, I'm transmitting. 


This session is for those who have questions, on one subject or another. The oracle will give you elements to dig into, will talk about what is happening in your life that needs to be taken into account, so that you have the elements to make the decision that suits you, or to clarify a situation you find difficult to grasp. 


We start with your question, if you don't already have it we'll take the time to formulate it, then you draw 4 cards from an oracle deck. 


The Pythia then speaks on the sound of the drum. The session lasts approximately 1 hour.

Price 65€

A divination session can be the subject of one or more sessions in a pack of 3 sessions, as a complementary approach. 

Price 170€


Sandrine Galley accompanies entrepreneurs to reconnect to the soul of their business - (video in French only..)

What suits you


How to choose between several approaches? Whichever suits you. Perhaps you have a preference for one modality or another, in which case you choose. 

And if you don't know, I am happy to discuss at the beginning of the session and to advise you on which one may be the most appropriate according to what you need. Different approaches give us more access to different planes of consciousness, one may be more appropriate at any given time than another.

Divination chamanique
Soin chamanique

My journey as a shamanic practitioner

It's an approach I discovered and have been working with for a few years. My first contact was during a regression session (past life regression hypnosis, which I induced and guided myself - this is part of my explorations!), it was in 2018, during a a long stay in Thailand. I found myself a medicine woman in an Amerindian tribe, the chief sent me for initiation in the forest; there I met the bear. A long fight ensued, at the end of which this imposing bear held me in his paws, gave me his heart, we were at peace, united. I came back a little battered, of course, but victorious (not for having won, but for having found my ally), with a bear claw, welcomed into the tribe, recognized. After this trip to a past life, it took me a few years to forge a real bond with this bear who now accompanies me, a faithful ally in my shamanic world. Since then, I have continued to pursue my explorations, this world expands, enriches itself with other ancestors, the cartography extends and allows me to advance personally as well as to accompany those who wish.


It is a world that I particularly like, this approach is universal and remains topical, it even has a particular meaning in our world. While we often get lost in analysis, rationality, it comes to bring us a particular light, with a particular language, the language of the soul. It puts us back in the ecosystem of Being, and not that of having. 


I do not call myself a shaman, I was not initiated by a shaman attached to a specific culture and am more in line with neo shamanism, which uses the powerful tools of the shamanic tradition without appropriation of another culture.


I continue to explore my shamanic world regularly and to move forward in this path which is of great wisdom. 


Shamanically yours, 




Not sure what you need?

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