In all healing modalities, from yoga to meditation and energy, we have the responsibility to act. To act in consciousness, we become aware of our choices, aware of our existence, and start listening to our intuition. 

We are fully responsible for our lives. We constantly make choices and then have to face the consequences. We often restrict and place limitations on ourselves, which can result in misery, pain or illness. We start to find our way when we question ourselves and open our eyes - even if at first it seems impossible. As we are caught in the hassle of life and our busy environments, to live in consciousness will often require some adjustments to how we are currently living.


Real changes come from within and are unique to each person. To find one's own way, it is useless to compare oneself to others. Similarly, it is always more rewarding to start taking actions, that match what you are, than reading books on this or that topic. 


Finding your way and healing, comes about with questions, an awareness, a need to search.

I am here to accompany you in this transformation, healing, self-knowledge, to help you establish who you are, find your essential, refine your intentions and guide you to make choices that match who you are. 

"All life is yoga . "

- Sri Aurobindo

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500hrs certified Transformational Yoga® Master 2018 (Yoga Alliance International),

200hrs certified meditation teacher 2018

(Meditation Alliance International)

Numerous yoga and meditation retreats,

including Vipassana. 


Certified Teacher,

White Tiger Qigong®,

5 animals, winter and summer roads (2017 and 2018)  


Practitioner 2019.


Basic Workshop, January 2017  


Anna Evans Foundation, August 2016  .


Levels 1 and 2,

Reiki Master Jet Lee, Thailand, March 2017


I am passionate about the conscious and subconscious, the invisible world, which can be accessed in altered states of consciousness. While we often refuse to listen to our little voice, this intuition, light and simple is present. It is a world is of great wisdom and very reassuring. 

I have been seeking answers for a long time, at first, not really knowing what was I was searching for. I was compelled to go further, to understand why life. A first experience in a leading fine art auction house allowed me to see some of the most beautiful works of art, which opened my emotions to both beauty and art. After 10 years, I needed something more and I was driven to confront with the real world. Not the one in which I had grown and evolved. I joined an international humanitarian organization, mostly in conflict areas. I delved deeper into my questions, faced the end of humanity, this overwhelming sense of void in front of violence and death - the end of life. To overcome these traumas, I drew on yoga and Vipassana meditation, psychotherapy and then Qigong, going one step further each time. 

I had a deep healing experience during my first Qigong teacher training in 2017. Then a Reiki course and a 10-day meditation retreat made me aware of what I could do to help others, now that I had found peace. 

I found answers to my questions and a meaning to life. Everything then became obvious. Time was needed for awareness to sink in, to adapt to the new situation and move on step by step. I quickly abandoned Reiki, as this modality and approach  do not correspond to my feeling. When I returned to France, I met Laurent Casimiri, an experienced healer. Thanks to his benevolence, I could develop further as a healer. It will be the work of a lifetime. 

I furthered my training as a Qigong teacher in Thailand, with Master Tevia Feng, founder of White Tiger Qigong™, and found Transformational Yoga®, founded by Sri Swami Vidyanand, a very pure form of yoga that works on the essential to connect to our higher self. My meditation practice draws on both of these forms as well as Vipassana meditation. 

This spiritual journey has enabled me to find who I am. Alongside with my experiences and research on harmonizing body, spirit and soul through movement and breath work, this has provided me with tools to guide you in what you are looking for, find your center and heal. I use several modalities which can be adapted to your needs. 

Yoga, Qigong and meditation combine work on body, mind, emotions and soul; they are millennial practices that have proven themselves. They are the fundamentals of bodywork as much as mental, emotional and spiritual. They can soothe stress and trauma, which remain etched in cellular memories.


Energy Healing can restore imbalances, relieve pain. I practice with humans as well as with animals, as they also have their pains.  

Soul Realignment® will enable you to know yourself at soul level, remove some blockages and to understand why they are there. Another reading, ‘Manifesting’, will allow you to understand how you are designed and define a plan of action to create what you wish. I will guide you to choose the actions that will support your intentions the best. 

"You can be sure of one thing - your future is in your hands.

You will become the one you want to be and higher will be your ideal

and your inspiration, higher will be your achievement,

but you must never forget your true purpose in life." 

- The Mother (Auroville)

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