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(reading of the Akashic Records)

This reading can come in addition to, or after the basic reading of Soul Realignment® (basic reading is necessary).  


It is a little different because it is not a question of looking for a blockage, but of getting to know each other better, and above all, to learn how we are made to manifest.  


If we are part of divine creation, we are creators of our life. Our guides, our intuition (what we take for intuition) don't tell us what to do - it's still our choice. It is through choices that we experience our divinity in a human body. 

In the Akashic records we find all the information about us, and therefore have the opportunity to realign ourselves to who we are on a soul level, to a way of functioning that is our own.


We are there to create, it is by creating that we make our human experience. There is no right or wrong way to experience this.


Manifesting Blueprint® is the map that indicates how we are designed to experience our divinity. We are looking at how the soul translates into density, in 3 dimensions - because we are experiencing the human experience concretely. This experience takes place in individuation: that is to say I vs. you, my choices vs. your choices, my consequences vs. your consequences; but also the choices I make at a certain point in my vi vs. the choices I make at another time.


To manifest is to be able to increase your level of vital energy, your vibratory level, to attract the circumstances that we want. 

It is not about manifesting an emotion (like happiness), but about creating the circumstances, what we want to create in life like for example a successful business.  


In this reading, I am using 7 comparisons to read how you operate. I also read the way you function in life. So you will be able to understand what you are doing that is not aligned and will have the opportunity to modify certain ways of doing things, in order to manifest, and if you wish, set the circumstances for what you desire.


A 'Manifesting Blueprint®' reading will bring you  


  • clarity on how you must function to manifest, 

  • a comparison of how you actually operate,

  • the possibility of modifying your behavior to go towards what suits you.


This Reading may interest you if  


  • You want to have another approach, another look at “how to do it”, 

  • you have already done some basic soul reading with me,

  • you feel that you may not be quite aligned, 

  • you are unable to manifest what you want, (despite sometimes working on intentions), 

  • you are interested in the idea of figuring out how to create what you want,

  • you feel responsible for your choices.


It won't suit you if


  • you hope that I tell you, or that I 'channel' what to do in your life, 

  • you think it's other people's fault,

  • or that your goal is for everyone to find you extraordinary. 

  • you think you won't have anything more to do after reading.  


This session contains  


  • A preliminary interview to set your intention,

  • An individual report, which will give you the keys, based on 7 comparisons, on how you should operate, and how you actually operate,

  • highlighting what should be adjusted,

  • A recording of the session.


Interested in reading this?


If you feel like this reading is right for you and will help you move forward, here's how. 

Fill out the soul reading form , specifying which reading you wish to do;

We start with a telephone interview especially to set your intention, and we make an appointment for the report - I need ten days to prepare. 

After payment, the report is made in person in Toulon, or by Zoom. The session is recorded so you don't have to worry about taking notes and can come back to it whenever you want. 

For this work you must have done a first reading with me (if not do the full basic reading).


Price 90 €

Pack 2 readings: “Soul Reading and Manifesting Blueprint”

Benefit from the two readings at a reduced price by ordering them at the same time


Are you interested in this offer?


If you know that you need to go deeper and not only remove your blockages but understand how you are made to manifest, this offer may be of interest to you. In this case, complete the form specifying 'pack 2 readings: soul reading and Manifesting Blueprint'.

For this work you must have done a first reading with me (if not do the full basic reading).


Price 250 €

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My approach

I work on the different physical and subtle planes: as we remove the blockages, other elements can be brought to light, then it is an energy contribution that will help to restore imbalances, ' restart the machine '.

My journey

The common thread of my life has been to understand. Understand how the world works, relationships, humans, animals, where do we come from? is what we see the whole reality? The great religions speak to us of an invisible world, some perceive it.


I have been looking for meaning through different experiences, across the world, to meet others, and myself, because one cannot establish a relationship with others if one does not already have a relation to oneself.


Extreme violence situations led me to meditation (I have done several Vipassana meditation stays), and very deep experiences, which allowed me to understand how I, how we are part of a whole, how we are connected, to feel unconditional love for everything.


I followed several trainings, all complementary, in spiritual development, energy work, to devote myself to healing and transformation, to be closer to oneself. It is my engine, my passion. It is healing in the broad sense, the healing of the world; it goes through the healing of men. Sometimes the healing of animals, places, because they also have an energy imprint, memories.

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Not sure what you need?

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