by Claire Peltier

Healer, medium
Intuitive guide
Yoga, Qigong, Meditation

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Hello and Welcome to Anahatalight !

You will find here ressources easily accessible to all (for now most of them in French) as well as my activities and events. 

I am a healer and intuitive guide and help people who feel physical, emotional ou psychic blocages to understand and heal by connecting to heir deeper self. I can guide you towards your own development and transformation.

What I do is my soul purpose, my 'raison d'être', it is based on my own healing and transformation after a trauma and the capacities that I received after that. 

How can I help you ? You can have a look at my practices, my healing path, watch the videos and blog, and follow me on FB. 

Please feel free to reach out, I ll be happy to discuss your question and see how I can support you.


- Claire Peltier


Everyone has the ability to heal.

However, external help can bring relief. I offer several modalities to alleviate pain, stress, emotions and limiting beliefs.

This Akashic Records reading will enable you to discover what drives you,

the main characteristics of your soul, blocks and restrictions, and how to remove them and move on.


Transformational yoga and longevity Qigong

will allow a mindful oxygenation of the body,

the circulation of energy and the elimination

of toxins.

Workshops and retreat based on Yoga, Qigong and meditation. Various thematics are available depending on your needs.

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Read all the testimonials and add your own:



"Since 2018 I have been practicing Claire's yoga classes who gently guide us. This regular practice brings me improvement in my form, more flexibility and serenity. To recommend!"

- Catherine E.

"Thank you Claire for this soul reading that you carried out on me. A subtle, fine reading, of an intense depth which completely echoed in me and which will allow me to advance even more and to be even more who I am. This soul realignment treatment offers incredible personal growth potential! "

- Laurence B.

If you are ready for a change, then I highly recommend Claire and her Akashic Records. You will benefit from a refined reading and therefore from personalized coaching taking into account your own operating methods. In practice, Claire who listened to my guides accompanied me on paths on which I no longer wanted to walk. The following ? Resistance, decision, action and unexpected and even unexpected solutions. Thanks to Claire and my heavenly team!

- Jérôme F. 

"Very nice chakras yoga workshop at Cocon de Vigne. Looking forward to discovering the rest on April 4th. Thank you Claire!"

- Babeth S.



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