Humans and animals

ENERGY HEALING: Chakra balancing

Everyone has the opportunity to heal. However, finding the path to healing sometimes requires support; external help can bring relief.

With a chakra balancing, I can intervene on the physical, emotional and spiritual plane. If necessary I can use some knowledge of geobiology, which can be useufl for example if pain is due to telluric energies.

As animals also have their sufferings and pains, these sessions are addressed to them too; in that case, I will use animal communication. This intuitive communication helps to better understand the point of view of the animal, and identify pain for a better care. This modality can also be of help support in supporting your animal at the end of its life, and allow you to make the best decisions.

A session last 45 min to one hour. As for any other modality, in some cases one session will be enough, and in others, more will be needed. It is impossible to tell how anyone will react in advance.



Our subconscious controls over 90% of our actions and beliefs. These beliefs are sometimes negative and prevent us from moving forward, limiting our actions, our relationships, our health.

Founded by Rob Williams, Psych-K ® is a non-invasive, fast modality that will help you change these beliefs, and allow you to create your life, regain your self-confidence, achieve your goals. Using muscle tests, you can access your subconscious and understand your limiting beliefs. Psych-K ® helps you reprogram them by integrating both brain hemispheres. Thus you will be able to act mindfully and make appropriate choices.


I am based in Toulon most of the time (Provence, int he South of France), and can travel to your place if necessary (within a radius of about 30 min).

Humans: One session: 50 € (at your place: 60 €)

Animals: donate what you want


A healer is not a substitute for conventional official medicine.

Decisions related to the disease and its treatment depend on the physician in charge.

No medical treatment in progress should be stopped.

Minors will be received in the presence of their parents.

"To establish peace outside oneself and to act on the world first of all requires acting on oneself and to establish peace in itself"

- The 14th Dalaï-Lama