Workshops are available from a few hours to one, two days or more, on various thematics that will focus on your precise needs such as "Finding your center", "Find your true emotions", "Softness and relaxation"...

For exemple:

The Body's Heart


Based on Transformational Yoga, this 3 days retreat offers an integral approach to physical health, emotional balance and mental clarity. A strong emphasis on asanas, breathwork, méditation and deep relaxation will enable you to become fully aware of the body and the emotions attached to it. You will be able to harmonise body, mind and spirit to find inner peace.


Day 1

10:00 Welcome  

10:30 Transformational yoga

13:00 Lunch  

16:30 Yoga and meditation 

19:30 Dinner  

20:30 Yoga Nidra  


Day 2

8:00 Transformational yoga (Pranayama and asana)  

9:30 Breakfast

13:00 Lunch  

16:30 Yoga and meditation  

19:30 Dinner  

20:30 Yoga Nidra

Day 3

8:00 Transformational yoga (Pranayama and asana)  

9:30 Breakfast  

13:00 Lunch  

15:00 Yoga, meditation, closing  

17:00 departure 


All levels accepted/ beginners Welcome


  • 8 sessions of Yoga and meditation 

  • Accommodation for 2 nights 

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"Do not look for peace, it is already inside you! If you do not find it, it is because your mind is too agitated."

- Oriental wisdom