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Let your pet express itself!

Animal communication and healing will allow you to understand his way of seeing things, his feelings, his pains, what he is trying to tell you and relieve him. So you can improve your relationship.

Our animals also have their ailments, their fears, their karma, they have a special bond with us and often seek to show us things, to communicate.

You notice your pet's behavior changing, he seems in pain, he has reactions that you don't understand, 

Or you adopted an animal and you wonder about its past, to understand its behavior and how to best support it, 


Sometimes it will be to be present for your life companion at the end of his life, to ensure his well being. 

Credit Ella Pellegrini @Unsplash
Photo personal collection

A communication session with your animal is then very interesting to learn about his feelings, his motivations, his emotions, and in some cases, to establish his feelings about the pain, and choose the most appropriate decision.

A session allows us to understand the blockages of our companions, to remove them, to allow him too to regain confidence, and a fulfilling relationship with you. 


This work does not replace training courses or the education of the animal but can be a very useful complement!


Price: €65 

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