Long-term support is often necessary when the wounds, the pain, whether physical, emotional or psychological, are deep, more numerous, older, more rooted. 


I often compare it to therapy, where you need to 'unravel a ball'. The blockages present can be found at several levels, so you have to go find them where they are, put the energy back in motion, in the right direction, and stabilize it.


In reality, healing and overcoming a blockage can be a complex process that is multi-dimensional, non-linear and involves many aspects of who we are.


It's about realigning with who we are, deep down, and rebalancing energy patterns. This often requires more than one session. This rebalancing, and removing our blockages, also often happens out of order: it is not a linear path that is resolved by a standardized approach.


We are fully actors in our lives: if, as a child, we did not have the means or the understanding to escape our karma, family and transgenerational history, family secrets, we have, as an adult, no only the possibility, but the responsibility to step out of these patterns and heal. 


It is often necessary to be accompanied on this journey to find the codes and remove the crystallized energies. From the outside, it is easier to remain neutral in order to provide the necessary lighting. 


If you want to be accompanied over time, I offer 3 options: 

Allow 8 days to 1 month between each session. (You will book the 1st appointment when purchasing.)


Akashic reading and 5 energy care sessions (or other Akashic readings according to the needs expressed): to work in depth and give you support over time, depending on what you are going through.


To go further with the Akashic readings and offer you personalized support, especially when you are going through a profound period of transformation, and want to position yourself, change your job.  


Si vous êtes entrepreneur et que vous souhaitez être accompagné dans votre activité, c'est par ici

It can happen in life that when we need help, we don't have the financial means to do it. In these cases, I offer a possibility to participate with a conscious payment, because I know it is difficult to get by on your own.  

With conscious payment, you settle what you can according to your means, it is a payment which is in agreement with yourself.

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My approach

I work on the different physical and subtle planes: as we remove the blockages, other elements can be brought to light, then it is an energy contribution that will help to restore imbalances, 'restart the body '.

My journey

The common thread of my life has been to understand. Understand how the world works, relationships, humans, animals, where do we come from? is what we see the whole reality? The main religions speak to us of an invisible world, some perceive it.


I have been looking for meaning through different experiences, across the world, meeting other human beings, and myself, because one cannot establish a relationship with others if one does not already have a relation to oneself.


Extreme violence led me to meditation (I have done several Vipassana meditation stays), and very deep experiences, which allowed me to understand how I, how we are part of a whole, how we are connected, to feel unconditional love for everything.


I went through several trainings, all complementary, in spiritual development, energy work, to devote myself to healing and transformation, to be closer to oneself. It is my purpose, my passion.

It is healing in the broad sense, the healing of the world; it goes through the healing of men. It also involves the healing of animals, places, because they also have an energy imprint, memories.

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