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What if we changed perspective?

I went through life through unusual, brutal experiences - I sometimes went looking for them in fact, without knowing why. They were violent, difficult, made me see what was the end of the human. But above all they were so rich in lessons! Admittedly, it took me a while to understand them, to see the good side of things.


As I progressed, I realized that we were all going through this, each in our own way. Passages sometimes a little -  see a lot - 'crappy'! What's behind? These are life lessons that carry lessons, which make us move forward on ourselves, set us on the path. 


Personally, I think these initiations are great, life is a phenomenal teacher... once we have managed to emerge from our difficulties, see things differently, once we have accepted to meet of what we have to learn, and to become. But it is not easy - and for some it is very difficult and complex passages.

The project

From the experience that we are going to go through, from the way we are going to go through it, our strength will come out of it, like our treasure to put us on our way. Obviously when you fall into it you don't see any of that. 

So the idea of this project is to share the learnings of 25 therapists, practitioners and companions, who discuss "how fate teaches us what we must learn". 


Initiation: how a bad situation can be transmuted to make sense, so that we can heal and integrate the experience to get the most out of our lives. 

In today's world, with rapid changes, new technologies, globalization, economic crises and uncertainty, where everything is going faster, we need this connection, this space more than ever. Making sense of what we experience in life, finding our place and meaning in it all is vital to making the most of our human experience, to healing wounds and breaking patterns for our family and future generations._cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


In truth "Life is an initiation, and it is not easy, and destiny is the greatest initiator that one can find" (Jean-Paul Roneker). 

Life is worthwhile, despite the difficulties and the sometimes long process, because there is a fabulous treasure there.

To participate

This community project is completely free. 

To participate, register.

During the whole month of May, from Monday to Friday, you will receive an email containing a text or a video from a participant who shares their perspective, their learning, their 'tips'.

The discussion is open! Join us on the Facebook group to find a community around this theme. Share your reactions, experiences, thoughts... 

At the end, you will receive an e-book with all the texts, and the contact details of the participants. 

Discover the participants

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